Friday, April 24, 2009

Development topics

Of all the topics covered this semester, which did you find the most interesting?

Which topic did you find the least interesting?

Was there a topic that you would have liked to discuss that we did not cover?


  1. I found all aspects of this course interesting. All of the topics are intimately interrelated in some way or another; and true growth and development can only come from a realization that all factors must be considered. It would have been nice to include the sustainable development portion, for it seems as if it is really the only way to develop, in order to meet the needs of current beings and for those yet to be born; so that equality can begin to exist and everyone can experience the prosperity of life that education, health, and the enviornment offers.

  2. I found the Solo Growth Model the most interesting aspect of this class. I feel like it is a basic/simple model that can be applied to various aspects of economic growth and development. I had never encountered it before and I have found it useful, just in general, as far as explaining how units of capital effect the output of growth of a country.

    I did not particularly find one single topic uninteresting, however, I felt like the course, due to the nature of the subject, went in circles a lot. This may be an unavoidable occurrence.

    Due to the fact that growth and development is generally a case-by-case study, as in each country has different perquisites for growth and development and each country is affected differently by aspects of growth and development, I would have liked to focused on specific countries more.
    It would have been interesting to have looked at more case studies, success and failure stories of growth and development in countries.

    -Kaitlin B.

  3. I definitely second the "going in circles" comment. This class confused the hell out of me.

    However, I still liked it. I especially liked how interactive it was. I felt like we developed the notes as a class, rather than you just putting them up for us to copy.

    In terms of topics, I honestly found pretty much all of them to be interesting--and they were so interconnected anyway that it is difficult to single something else.

    I'm glad we didn't cover anything else.

  4. The topic I enjoyed most this semester was the section on education. I think that there's a lot of interesting work being done on education and G&D and it's a topic that applies to both more and less developed nations. I think it would have been beneficial to have an outside reading list for the course. Because many of the issues are so complex, reading a few of the landmark papers in each field may have been helpful.